Thursday, June 13, 2019

Annotated bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 12

An nonated bibliography - Essay ExampleThe former one is completely opposed to this depression and instead claims that all that a person does is a result of choice. The question therefore is normally asked as to whom between the two is right. Whereas history does indeed accept a role in ones behavior, does it mean that the person committing a crime or violence is not responsible? This essays purpose is to assert that humans have freewill and that for every action taken, no one is really compelled.Decision and influence are two obvious things, which ought to be treated as such to avoid the confusion of determinism. Whereas, it could be true that ones decision or its magnitude may be somehow influenced by the past, the actions taken by a person is not devoid of their consciousness and approval. That is to say, history may have a role in a decision but the person victorious it is very much aware of it and by no means are they doing it without knowledge. According to (Cohen p.15), w henever one is taking a particular action there is full understanding and knowledge of its likely outcome and this therefore negates any claim of determinism.If every decision is taken based on the history then creativity and invention have nothing to be attributed to since they did not exist before. The proponents of determinism claim that a decision is greatly, if not fully, influenced by ones history. For instance, if a man witnessed violence while growing up, there would no way to stop them from engaging in the same. However, Howard, George, and Diane (p.67), who inform that other factors that could alter a person when they are growing up, have disputed the above assertions. It therefore means that even if one witnessed violence, it does not automatically mean they will follow suit. The creativity demonstrated by individuals is not in any way influenced by experiences one had while growing up. Instead, the approximation tends to focus on making new things. Similarly, one who involves in

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